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Princess of Estoria by Delaney Diamond

Princess of Estoria by Delaney Diamond ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Prince Andres and Angela met at their respective best friends', Kofi and Dahlia, wedding. Their meeting was lust at first sight even though Angela didn't know who Andres was in the beginning. Once she finds out who he really is, she doesn't want to become involved with him due to a past relationship and her career. Andres did not take no for an answer and followed her to America with a plan to make Angela his own. Andres finally convinces Angela to give him a chance. From there, we are drawn into their passionate, international love affair. Andres and Angela had to go through drama, jealousy, racism and family expectations during their relationship. In the end, what developed was a beautiful love story between Andres and Angela. This was a very well-written story that I enjoyed thoroughly. Well done again, Ms. Diamond!!!

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