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LET ME PLEASE YOU Alexandria House

LET ME PLEASE YOU Alexandria House ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For the followers of the McClain family stories, Kathryn Ann McClain’s story is here! The only sister of Everett, Nolan, Neil, and Leland, Kat is trying to get over her failed marriage. I loved her story because Kat has a lot going for her: She’s smart, beautiful, an entrepreneur who is more than capable of handling her business and her “little” brother, Leland, the NBA baller’s business. She longs for her own children, but she was smart enough to recognize that having a child by Wayne, her ex, was not an option. Tomas W. E. Kirby was an option, however, and a very good one. (I’ll let you discover what his middle names are.) Who knew Tommy, the Bodyguard to the McClains, had so much going for him. I was impressed by his backstory, and you will be too! Together these two are a formidable couple. And the heat that they generate will melt an ice cube. Look out for some more gems from Uncle Lee Chester. “Lezbeen”... Hilarious! You’ll get it when you read the story. Kat and Tommy’s story is a novella, but there is nothing lacking. You can read it in one sitting because it’s a page-turner for sure. I highly recommend LET ME PLEASE YOU. You can thank me later.

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