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ENGAGING THE ENEMY by Reese Ryan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reese Ryan returns to Magnolia, Tennessee for another Bourbon Brothers episode featuring the Abbott family, owners of King’s Finest Distillery. This time she unravels the mystery surrounding the contentious relationship between the surly all business Parker Abbott and social outcast Kaleigh Jemison. In grade school they were best friends, but Parker and Kayleigh are now bitter adversaries. An attempt by Parker to “fit-in” with the in-crowd destroyed his friendship with one of the few people who understood and tolerated his quirky nature. To add insult to injury and like her bestie Savannah from SAVANNAH’S SECRET, Kaleigh blames the Abbotts for her family’s miseries only to learn appearances can be deceiving. The frenemy-to-lovers plot of ENGAGING THE ENEMY adopts a different twist when Parker and Kayleigh put aside their feud for a lucrative business deal that includes a fake engagement. For two relationship dodgers pretending to be a couple presents many challenges. Best laid plans often go awry as Parker and Kayleigh aren’t prepared for the extent to which they must perpetuate this fake engagement. I received an ARC and thoroughly enjoyed this well written tale. I invite readers to sip this bourbon laced tea and enjoy Parker and Kayleigh’s journey to realizing they are “two misfit toys best suited for each other”.

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