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About B.R.A.B.

Welcome to the website.B.R.A.B is an online book club which stands for Building Relationship Around Books. It stands for exactly what we do; we are a lively interactive group.Our book club is a diverse group we have members comprised of both authors and readers from all over the world who all have the love of books in common and much more.We thank you for stopping by and would like to invite you to share in our Romance book lovers discussions.Although the primary focus of our book club is African American Romance and Women Literature, we are not limited readers.We welcome all sub-genres under that title i.e. Interracial Romance andvarious other genres such as suspense, mystery and a select few othersas well.We are every day people who just happened to be book lovers in general.Our addiction is reading and one clicking, as well as bringing our book characters to life in discussions. We promote Adult Literacy and Awareness, we truly believe that reading is fundamental and Key to helping our communities.Whatever your interest in romance or Fiction reading, if you are looking forgreat discussion as well as good reads of some your favorite African American authors Building Relationship Around Books book club welcomes you and hopes that you will share your book passion with us. Feel free to share your comments here with us


Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB) Mission


Coming together for the love of reading romance in sharing books, thoughts on life and experiences. With the evolution from hard covers to paper backs and now E-books:BRAB mission is to connect with both long time and newly devoted fans of the genre of romance written mostly by African American authors, but not limited to this category of authors.BRAB also gives support, recognition to members, book recommendation and promotional days to support our authors. We spotlight known and unknown authors including book releases announcement dates.Join us in our heartfelt open discussion and opinion on the genre of all romance fiction and just a little more.



Meet Our Team
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