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Sharon Blount

Sharon Blount is the president and founder of Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB) Online Book Club. She is an avid reader, but that was not always the case due to an early diagnosis of dyslexia. However, once she overcame this obstacle, she hasn’t looked back. She enjoys suspense, mystery and true crime. She also found that she is a sucker for a great romance in that she relishes happy endings and in the fact that love can conquer all.


Wanting to find other readers who shared the same passion and having open discussions and interactions with some of her favorite authors was what prompted her to start the book club. Since BRAB’s creation, she has discovered many new authors and readers, and the group has become more than just a book club. It’s a family, and one she looks forward to interacting with daily.


In the future, she envisions BRAB becoming a foundation in many states improving literacy in women, men and children. Additionally, she would like to establish groups that assist with raising self-esteem, supporting single mothers and providing aspiring authors with the tools to write and publish books.


Sharon enjoys graphic design, writing, and event planning. She is an Oakland, CA native, medical assistant, and mother to a beautiful son who has truly taught her the meaning of love.

I guess I would describe myself as fun loving and free spirited. I love the outdoors. I like to fish believe it or not and I like sports football in particular. I Also love to meet new and exciting people especially those who are well rounded with a great understanding nature and a good sense of humor and No Drama. I do not have time for Drama which is why I joined BRAB in 2012. I Love to read. BRAB was the first book club I joined where everyone loved what I loved there is always an adventure in a book. I love life and I realized a while ago that life is to short not to live to the fullest and that is what I plan to do.

Kathy Brooks

Lillian Douglas is a Native New Yorker. The youngest of 5 children. Her love of reading started at an early age. Her mother once told her a story of when they were traveling on the bus and that she was reading the ads on the bus very loudly, at the time she was 4 years. When her mother went to shush her, a woman on the bus told her not to. It was wonderful seeing someone that young reading. One day after reading a book by an author she had just discovered, she was on a Facebook and saw that the author was having a chat with an online bookclub called Building Relationship Around Books (BRAB), she decided to join. Joining BRAB opened up a whole new world of reading to her. Besides her love of reading, she loves to travel, watch old movies and spend time with friends and family. She is very active in her church as a Sunday School Teacher and Eucharistic Minister.

Lillian Douglas
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