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ENDLESS LOVE Nyora Rene’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

While reading ENDLESS LOVE, there were two songs that played in my head: “Endless Love” that comes from the title and the classic song by Dru Hill, “Beauty Is Her Name”. You’ll understand why when you read the story. The love journey between Jacob Jones III and Milena “Lena” Martin is the ultimate romance. Talented author, Nyora Rene’, allows us to follow Jacob and Lena from the very beginning of their love journey through the effective use of flashback. By using that technique Nyora Rene’ allows the reader to know everything about this couple. What we learn is that their love for each other is endless. Challenges? Oh yes, but they hung in there and faced them. I loved this couple! The storyline is solid, and the side-characters are well-developed. This is the romance story for all the romantics out there, and I recommend it. Enjo

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