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GAME TIME is part two of the Endgame Trilogy and the continuation of the tumultuous relationship between NFL New Orleans Gator quarterback Michael Carson and psychologist Dr. Zoe Broussard. In part one Michael pursued Zoe who was his therapist and at the time engaged to someone else. Despite many obstacles the two are now in an official relationship with PDA.

Bad boy turned football phenom, Michael is the Captain of the team and every woman’s dream. Zoe is highly educated, refined, sensible and stubborn. She and Michael are total opposites, but the sexual chemistry between them is undeniable. They are two high strung people who constantly doubt themselves and the strength of their bond. Now that their relationship is public they are the object of constant scrutiny by gossipers. The limits of their relationship are tested by time constraints, former lovers, career pressures, jealousy and their own insecurities. Michael and Zoe are very dedicated to their careers and constantly struggle to strike a balance between work and love. Their journey to realization was emotional and kept me engaged. GAME TIME is my first novel by this author, and I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed Tiye Love’s easy writing style and unique storyline. This is a stand-alone novel but read all three installments to experience the depth of Michael and Zoe’s sizzling love story.


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