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Wins & Losses by Alexandra Warren

Wins & Losses by Alexandra Warren ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book started with the funeral of Carmen's father who had been murdered. Having attended rival high schools, Carmen sees Nas again at the funeral and they are instantly attracted to each other but Carmen is already engaged. Carmen decides to move to town to take care of her brother, Jordy, who is Nas's star basketball player and who is also troubled by his father's murder. Her decision as well as other factors help too end her engagement. I enjoyed how this couple came together. Their chemistry was fire but I really loved how Nas helped Carmen as well as Jordy through their emotional pain. This book had a bit of everything; love, passion, emotions and mystery. Who would have known that the identity of Carmen's father murderer would have ties so close to home? Ms. Warren did such a good job writing this book that I can't wait to read her next story.

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