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THE LIAISON (The Book Club Series 3) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ D. Camille

THE LIAISON (The Book Club Series 3) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ D. Camille

Tiffany, Debra and Nadia are in a book club which read romance novels. From these books they each claim a fictitious beau. Each fictitious beau has different characteristics they’re looking for in their real-life mates. In the previous 2 books in this series Tiffany, Debra and Nadia make a pact to find real real-life mates with the characteristics of their fictitious beaus within a year. In the previous 2 books of The Book Club series Tiffany and Debra found their real-life husbands but it appears time is running out for Nadia. Nadia Brooks is a life coach with various types of clients. Her business enables her to work from home giving her flexibility to have a personal life. Living in Grayling, a prosperous small town, where the businesses are blacked owned, and everyone knows everyone’s business. Nadia was known to have a wild side when she was younger and known to be a spit fire as an adult. She takes no prisoners when it comes to the men she dates. She likes to have fun, but she also has a serious side. While realizing her time in finding her real-life mate is running out Nadia starts to reevaluate the men she dates. Her real-life mate must have the qualifications being successful, tall, sexy, muscular, a dash of thug and being romantic. Simeon Pruitt is a researcher who heads a research team. They have been sent to Grayling to see how they capture this town’s attributes to model in other small towns. This is a 2-year project which means Simeon will be in Grayling for 2 years. In his previous life Simeon was an accomplished football player. He made a promise to his mother, Valerie, he would continue his education when he retired. After playing football for 10 years Simeon kept his promise and earned his master’s degree. Valerie, being a pride mother, comes to Grayling to help Simeon get situated in the house he is renting. While out to lunch she meets Nadia and they get to know one another. Valerie goes on talking about Simeon which gives Nadia the impression he is young, a nerd and a mama’s boy. During their conversation Valerie finds out Nadia is a life coach and pays her for 1 hour of her time to coach her on her love life. Nadia being herself is very truthful and give Valerie some advice. Before they depart company, Valerie invites Nadia for dinner which she accepts. Nadia wonders if Valerie is being a matchmaker and is totally surprise when she meets Simeon. Her reaction is priceless. Now the author, D. Camille, introduces other characters in The Liaison which impact Simeon and Nadia. These characters challenge the strong personalities of Simeon and Nadia. Between several men Nadia was associated with and a co-worker who is perusing Simeon makes one wonder if they will have a relationship. To find out you must read The Liaison to see if Nadia meets the pact deadline. Besides the pact Tiffany, Debra and Nadia have a challenge to see which of their selected mates has the best romantic presentation. D. Camille’s series are always page turners wetting your appetite to see the end results. Each of the series have situations which are different and relevant. I enjoy reading D. Camille books. I highly recommend The Book Club Series.

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