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The Ace (The Negus Effect Series Book 3) By D Camille

The Ace (The Negus Effect Series Book 3) by

D. Camille

5 Stars

The Negus continue to fight corruption, mayhem, and murder to make Detroit safe for the citizens. This continuing story introduces us to The Ace, Ethan Hall and the lady who wins his heart, Dawn Mitchell. I liked this story and I recommend it. D Camille, in the midst of all the unsettling wrongdoings and craziness, gives the readers an outstanding history lesson that exposes the 40 acres and a Mule promise made by this government that they reneged on. Kudos to the author! The HEA is wonderful, but it is clear that the Negus still has their work cut out for them. Ethan is skilled, good-looking and just the man for the job. While progress is made, there is still much to be done. So, we wait for THE GUIDE coming this fall. Great series.

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