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News With Curves By Iris Bolling


Wow!!!! I couldn’t put this book down. Iris Bolling always seems to bring great stories alive and relevant. ‘News with Curves’ contains corruption, bigotry, greed, jealousy, murder, servitude, flirtation and romance. We are introduced to a beautiful, ambitious and detailed woman, Rachel Fontaine. Rachel is an investigative reporter for the Cahill Broadcasting Network. Her passion for journalism has always been in here blood so it made sense for her to be in the news field. Her goal is to be an anchor on television but due to her “curves” her request has always been denied. She is told she in not camera appealing. Instead they place Lisa Cahill, who has “eye appeal” on camera, in the position. The problem is Rachel does all of the investigative foot work and feeds the information to Lisa. We are also introduced to the handsome, debonair and the new owner of Cahill News Broadcasting Network, Wade Tyson. As he is introduced as the new owner of Cahill News Broadcasting Networks Rachel is leery of Wade as well as the other employees. They’re not sure if they will have jobs especially Jerry and Lisa. Also, the employees are wondering how the change will impact their jobs. Wade is determined to move this network to the national arena, but there are some changes he needs to make. Before Wade even gets his feet wet he has to bail out one of his employees from jail, Rachel Fontaine. While in his car Rachel informs Wade of the investigation of corrupted judges and how they are profiting from the private jail contracts she is working on, especially Peaceful Intervention Emergence (PIE). The inmates have to perform specific duties of servitude before they are released. The people at the helm of PIE feel they are the superior race. The inmates are divided into specific categories according to the color of their skin and heritage. As Rachel and Wade dig deeper into this investigation their attraction for one another grows. Rachel does not feel ashamed of letting Wade know of her attraction to him. In order to find out the in-depth details of PIE and those at the helm of this organization you need to read ‘News with Curves’. The ignorance of some people is amazing. As you read this book you will see how Rachel started this investigation. An investigation which exposed bigotry and greed just from a computer error which caused a young man to be arrested. You will also see what happens between Wade and Rachel as well as the changes at the network. I highly recommend this book and am looking forward in reading the continuation ‘Reigns…. And So It Begins’ when it becomes availabl

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