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We don’t know what we have until we don’t have it anymore. This is the realty Malcolm James and Charmaine Mouton realized when they came to an impasse in their relationship. These two were college sweethearts who had planned to marry and start a family together. While in college they made plans for their future as well as goals for their careers. But after graduating from college their careers and a long-distance relationship placed some road blocks in their plans. Malcolm was an NBA superstar in Houston. He achieved fame and money and Charmaine was a successful recording artist who resided in New York. The long-distance became too much for Malcolm. He in turn gave Charmaine an ultimatum. She either choose between her singing career or their relationship. Charmaine had specific goals she wanted to achieve before settling down with Malcolm to start a family. Unfortunately, Charmaine chose her singing career. As each went their separate ways they both succeeded in their careers but during the 5 years apart Malcolm became the pride father of twins. These children were his heart. But knowing Malcolm was a father caused Charmaine to second guess her decision. They still loved each other and kept track of each other either by social media or other media vehicles. With Charmaine being a successful artist, she was invited to sing the national anthem at the All-Star game being held in Houston. Charmaine never performed in Houston due to her avoidance of running into Malcolm, but this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Both Malcolm and Charmaine’s are concerned of their reactions to one another when they meet. As the story developed both Charmaine and Malcolm realize they still have feelings for one another but are afraid to pursue them. They question if they made a mistake 5 years ago. The author Nyora Rene places some road blocks which may derail their relationship. Maturity allows them to see if offering ultimatums without compromising would have saved their relationship. Now as demonstrated in Love Rekindled loving relationships are work. To succeed both parties must work together especially when demanding careers and long distance are involved. The heart wants what the heart wants but we usually don’t know what we want until we don’t have it any more. Charmaine and Malcolm realized this after their 5-year split, but did they learn from this 5-year separation. Read Love Rekindled to find out if they can rekindle their loving relationship especially with additional obstacles in their way. This was a great read and I recommend Love Rekindled by Nyora Rene.

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