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Love Rekindled By Nyora Rene

Love Rekindled Nyora Rene

4 stars

Never a fan of repeating myself in anything including relationships, songs or games, but Love Rekindled showed me that sometimes it takes a little maturity and repetition to get a relationship on track. Malcolm James and Charmaine Mouton, college sweethearts, in love and ready to conquer the world and take the music world and NBA by storm there’s just one problem the time it takes to build a lastly relationship. Malcolm raised to be the head of his household has decided that he cannot compromise on a long distance relationship with Charmaine and offers up a ultimatum. The head strong “Char” will not let the opportunity of a lifetime pass her by because of her relationship. After several successful years and soul searching these two reconnect and realize that they were meant to be together all along. But when the same careers conflicts come about again, will they weather the storm or let foolish pride get in their way? Love Rekindled was a 5 star read and a definite page turner!

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