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This author, JL Campbell amazes me with the different story lines in her books and I wasn’t disappointed with GRUDGE. Usually her genre is romance, but this book is mainly a mystery. It starts out of the gate with an attempted murder on Corra while she’s on vacation at a resort, Xantrope. While swimming in the ocean she was pulled under water by an unknown assailant. This incident was observed by another vacationer, Phillip, who saved her. Unfortunately, Phillip was unable to catch the assailant. In reading Grudge the personality of Corra is reveled little by little. She is a very private person and has a dislike towards policemen. This comes to light in the book which gives reason for her ways towards relationships and her reaction to Phillip who is a police officer. He has a very strong and inquisitive personality as well as being a workaholic. Phillip also has some family issues he confronts throughout the book. Both of these characters have strong personalities and push one another to certain limits. Whether these limits are good you need to read Grudge to find out. With this mystery, family secrets, lies, infidelity, trust issues, kidnappings and jealousy are reveled throughout as well as a developing romance. As I read Grudge I tried to figure out who the assailant was and if all the previous incidents to Corra were connected. In order to see how or if these issues are connected to Corra and who was behind them I recommend you read Grudge.

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