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At the CEO's Pleasure by Yahrah St. John

At the CEO's Pleasure by Yahrah St. John ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Maya worked for Ayden 5 years ago as his assistant but left after they gave into their passions and Ayden was unable to acknowledge his feelings. Five years later, Ayden needs Maya to come back to work for him again since his current assistant is not returning to work after her maternity leave. Once Maya finds out about her mother's condition, she decides to accept Ayden's job offer despite her feelings for him. Once they start working together again, it's not long before the chemistry and passion rises to the surface. Both Maya and Ayden must deal with issues from their past in order to come together as a couple. Reunited love is one of my favorite storylines and Ms. St.John did a wonderful job with this book. I'm looking forward to reading Fallon's book which is next in the series.

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