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WILD THOUGHTS By Delaney Diamond

WILD THOUGHTS 5 Stars By Delaney Diamond

The issues and emotions we go through from our past affect any relationships we encounter. These are the issues and emotions Lindsay and Malik deal with in Wild Thoughts by Delaney Diamond. Lindsay has a podcast which deals with relationships, mainly sexual issues. Even though she gives this advice to others she hides behind a wall and doesn’t face her relationship issues. Malik is an artist who makes sculptors out of various metals, but he stays away from relationships after his mother dies for various reasons. While Lindsay and Malik have these relationship issues, they share a common element which neither of them realizes. Lindsay’s biological father was a con artist with big ideas which stole people’s life savings. These scams created financial hardships for many including Malik’s mother. In order for Lindsay to escape her father’s bad deeds she took the last name of her step-father. This allowed her not to be judged based on her father’s scams. Holding this information back prevented her from fully enjoying a loving relationship. Malik is angry because his mother died from cancer and kept this information from Malik until it was too late. But his anger was directed towards the Steel company which was run by Lindsay’s father. Malik’s mother, Bessie, placed all her life savings in Steel’s scams and lost everything. She wanted to leave something for Malik before she died. Lindsay and Malik were unaware of their issues or the connection they have. The relationship they develop is very interesting. The attraction they have for one another has developed over the years, but they didn’t act on it at that time. In order to see how their relationship develops you need to read this book. Also, in reading Wild Thoughts you will get the full understanding of their relationship and how their issues have affected any previous relationships they encountered. In Wild Thoughts, Delaney Diamonds shows how communication and trust can be destructive to fully enjoying a loving relationship. I really enjoyed this book and could not put it down.

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