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The Art of Love by Suzette Harrison is the Fourth book in the Decades: African American history seri

The Art of Love by Suzette Harrison

The Art of Love by Suzette Harrison is the Fourth book in the Decades: A Journey in African-American history series. Suzette Harrison has a way with words. Her descriptions make you feel like you are right in the middle of her books like a fly on the wall and you won’t want to leave. She takes the reader back to this time period. Her skills as a Poet allow her to weave this story together with memorable passages. The hero, Chase Jenkins, is a Man that any Woman would fall in Love with. He is successful, despite his shady profession. Ava Lydell is a gifted artist who is trying to follow her dreams. She has to deal with the impacts of the depression, racism and colorism, all serious issues for an African-American woman living in this time period. It’s tough for her to get ahead. Ava is feisty and determined to not be bothered by Chase. She is a proud woman which could sometimes be to her detriment.

A set of circumstances causes Chase to come to Ava’s aid. Once they come together, not much can keep them apart. This story is filled with unpredictable plot twists. I was pleasantly surprised to see a mention of a character from Love Serenade: Decades book two.

These two are filled with passion. The physical scenes are sensual but not graphic. There are a lot of memorable moments between these two. I really like how the cover reflects important aspects of the story. I truly enjoyed and recommend this book.

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