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Magnetic Pulse (The Hot Voltage Series Book 1) By: LaShawn Vasser

Magnetic Pulse By Lashawn Vasser

Wow!!!!!! Bo and Austin's relationship started off explosive. The attraction Austin had for Bo started before he met her. His attraction to Bo grew each time her brother Bryce read the letters she sent to the team. Their first meeting was forced due to a state emergency. Austin was sent by Bryce to get Bo when the emergency alarm was activated. Being Navy

seals Austin and Bryce made arrangements for their families but they had to gather their family members. Unbeknowth to Bo the 'world was ending" and people were looting stores especially those which had guns. A deranged man came into the store demanding ammo and pointed a gun to Bo's head. Austin saw this and took the necessary task and shot him, saving Bo's life. Being a protecter Austin was responsible for Bo's safety and needed to get to the compound. Bo was a passionate person and doctor which had them butting heads. But real issue was they were attracted to one another but wouldn't accept it. Once Bo reached Byrce they were able to make plans to travel to the compound. While traveling to the compound they encountered some men living in the mountains who wanted their trucks so these men planned a trap which caused Byrce to be shot. Two of these men were shot but others followed the trucks to the compound. Meanwhile Bo and Austin finally admit they have feelings for one another but need to keep their relationship a secret until Bo can talk to Bryce after he recoveres. Long story shot a group of men with their leader charge the compound with guns and demand Bryce turns over the compound to them. Of course Bryce refuses but unbeknowing to them Austin is captured. This book is a page turner and a great read. I couldn't put it down. So yes, I will be reading the Magnetic Attraction (Book 2). LaShawn thanks for telling me to read Book 1 first

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