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Nashville neighbors, The Bridges and Lawson families, have been feuding for as long as anyone can remember. A ridiculous “feud clause” affixed to each family member’s will specifies the last living member of either family shall inherit a hefty six-figure sum should they outlive or convince the opposing family to sell their house. With the passing of all elder family members, the current occupants are the last living members of each family. Justice Lawson and Tate “Alex” Bridges are now responsible for picking up where their forefathers left off and hopefully ending this madness with one of them permanently leaving the neighborhood … by whatever means possible.

Justice and Alex didn’t anticipate the undeniable mutual attraction experienced at their first meeting and each subsequent encounter. Will this attraction interfere with their inherited mission to eradicate the other from the neighborhood? They each have lofty plans for the hefty sum of money to be gained from this dastardly deed. Will lust overshadow greed?? I am not spilling the tea, but I will encourage you to read this humorous tale. Bourne is a gifted storyteller and does an excellent job of incorporating humor and romance. I frequently laughed out loud at the antics of Justice and Alex as they deny their attraction while focusing on their mission to purge the neighborhood of Bridges and Lawsons


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