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Something Old? Something New? -Marlee Rae

Something Old? Something New? -Marlee Rae (given 5 stars)

When you have a male friend that has been there for all your good and bad times, why would you need to pursue another man? Dawn has leaned on her bestie Dre for over 30 years, but when she meets Macon she decided to explore something new. Will Dre be able to step aside and let Dawn pursue something new or will his jealousy/overprotective nature play a factor? Dawn has something old and familiar with Dre, but is that enough to give up Macon and possibly ruin years of family and friendship? This book was such a good story in regards to male/female friendships can they stay platonic or are they often explored and acted upon. I look forward to reading more from Marlee Rae.

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