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"When Love Calls" By Sharon C Cooper


BY Sharon C. Cooper


Looking for a story about a mature couple who give love a second try? Then, I have a great read for you. WHEN LOVE CALLS- A Jenkins and Friends Novella by Sharon C. Cooper is just what you are looking for. Mona Gregory and Dexter Gregory are the “seasoned” couple who are at a place in their lives where they desire a relationship and companionship with that special someone. Of course, there are issues that have to be faced and conquered. What I especially like about this couple is that they are willing to tackle the tragic and devastating experiences of their pasts in order to look forward to a future together.

Kudos to author Sharon C. Cooper for adeptly handling the serious subject matter that both the hero and heroine must deal with and overcome.

I enjoyed this story not only because of an impressive storyline, but also because we are reunited with one of the notable families of Romance literature. Members of the Cincinnati Jenkins family make an appearance in this novella. They love to get together, eat and offer unsolicited advice. My kind of family! I loved the HEA housed in the Epilogue. I recommend WHEN LOVE CALLS. Enjoy!7

Trust and communication plays a big part in Ana E Ross' book 'The Doctor's Secret Bride - Book One. Both Michelle and Erik have secrets. Michelle is hired as a nanny for Erik's daughter who has not laughed since her mother died. Eric lost his wife after a drunk driver hit her. She died in his arms and blames himself for her death since she ran into traffic after they had an argument. Even though Erik is rich but loves being a doctor therefore he works. Michelle on the other had a difficult life but that didn't stop her from giving back. The secret of Michelle's deadbeat father is an alcoholic who may have been the hit and run driver who killed Erik's wife.

Erik and Michelle fall in love and secretly marry. But when a private investigative finds out Michelle's father was the drunk driver who killed Eric's wife. The secrets Michelle had almost destroyed the relationship she shared with Erik. Holding Michelle accountable for Michelle's father killing Erik's wife almost destroyed their relationship as well. Communication and trust played a big part in this relationship. You have to read the book to understand why they were secretly married. Also the dynamics of the communities they both came from. ️

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