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KINDRED SPIRITS (The Sable Inn Series Book 2)

KINDRED SPIRITS (The Sable Inn Series Book 2)

D. Camille


KINDRED SPIRITS is the second story about the Sable sisters. In this story, Lorna Sable, the Director of Food and Design at the Sable Inn in Grayling, Michigan is in love with her kindred spirit and long time love, Jamal Winston, the local Horticulturist who supplies the Inn with flowers. Although Jamal once left Lorna heartbroken, their love for each other survived. Theirs is a sweet story of second chances and a promising future.

Just as Lorna and Jamal are solidifying their relationship, someone from the past strolls in to test their relationship. I love a story with an antihero, or in this case, an antiheroine. Enter Cassidee, aka Cassandra Riddick, who was partly responsible for Jamal’s imprisonment. No spoilers! You’ll discover what happened when you read the story. One of the best features of a D Camille story is the connection between the characters in her books. In KINDRED SPIRITS we are reunited with some familiar characters from previous books. Get ready to hang with Lance and Khayla Johnson, Lavender Masters, and Corvus and Miracle Shaw. Another compelling feature of a D Camille story is that she never fails to educate her readers about a current subject matter. Be prepared to get schooled about Medicinal Marijuana, and I’ll leave that right here.

KINDRED SPIRITS is a captivating story. I highly recommend it. I strongly suggest that you read the first book, KINDRED SOULS. You can thank me later.

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