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'How To Kill Your Husband By Keith Thomas Walker


How To Kill Your Husband By Keith Thomas Walker

5 Stars

Woman's intuition is at an all time high in Keith Thomas Walker's book 'How To Kill Your Husband

Claire and George have been married for 18 years but George has another family with Kim Claire is unaware of until he makes the ultimate mistake of giving Claire an anniversary gift he thought she's been looking at and wanting. That's when Claire's intuition kicks in. With her home girls Claire finds out George has another family with twin children. Little does George realize Claire is constantly thinking of ways to kill him. Her imagination goes into overdrive at times which alarms her.The weapon Claire uses to kill her husband is

ingenious. With the help of her lawyer both Claire and Kim make out very well. You have to read this book to find out the many ways the imagination of a woman can come up to kill a cheating husband. Also how Claire, George and Kim make out.


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