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Seized by Seduction Brenda Jackson

5 stars

The second Book of The Protectors series is Seized by Seduction by the prolific Brenda Jackson.

The heroine of the story is Dr. Randi Fuller, a psychic Investigator (who first appeared in Forged

in Desire, first book in The Protectors series). In Seized By Seduction, the lovely Dr. Randi is on

assignment to use her psychic abilities to help solve another crime that has occurred in Los

Angeles. In Forged in Desire, she drew the attention of Quasar Patterson, friend to that story’s

hero, Striker Jennings. Although it’s a horrible crime scene, Quasar can not help but become

aware of the undeniable chemistry that he feels between him and Randi. Just one look and they

both realize that they are fated to meet again.

Some three months later, that’s exactly what happened. While on a security assignment in

Washington, D.C., Quasar and Randi meet again, and the air literally crackles with sexual

tension. After their meeting in D.C., Randi is called to L.A. to help the F.B.I. solve an

horrendous crime that is threatening to spark a major gang war. Quasar immediately makes plans

to be her personal bodyguard, and as the saying goes “It’s on and popping”. This story unfolds

into another Brenda Jackson masterpiece as she unravels chapter by chapter a steamy, sensual

romance wrapped up in a tense drama-filled plot that includes murder, mayhem and madness.

Take it from me, you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend this book. You can read it as a

stand alone, but I suggest that you read the predecessors (The Granger series and Forged in

Desire) to get the back story and continuity.

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