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Nights of Fantasy By Sherelle Green

Nights of Fantasy (Bare Sophistication)

Sherelle Green

Reviewed by: Alicia Aaron, member of Building Relationships Around Books

Night of Fantasy is Sherelle Green’s latest novel for the Kimani Romance line and it tells the

love story of Danni Allison and Jaleen Walker. If you’ve read the first three novels in the Bare

Sophistication series, then these two are familiar characters. Haven’t read the other Bare

Sophistication novels (what are you waiting on?!), then don’t worry, you won’t be too lost. This

story can technically be a stand-alone novel, but there is some history that will enable you to

better understand certain situations if you’ve read the previous books.

Danni Allison and Jaleen Walker were the two people who bickered to cover their intense sexual

attraction, but one drunken bachelorette party was all it took to blow the lid off of the chemistry

the two had. Danni makes this pseudo bucket list, a list of things she wants to accomplish before

her next birthday, and Jaleen is on it. Jaleen has been holding his lust for Danni inside for a

while, but after he finds out what she really wants…all bets are off.

This story takes you on a journey of love with some truly effed up moments in between. There

were times in the story I wanted to slap several people, including our hero and heroine. I wanted

to tell Danni to just state the truth already! I wanted to tell Jaleen to stop living for other people

and do him. Yes, I understand why they did what they did and why they went about it the way

they did, but it’s a book and therefore I’m entitled to yell, scream, curse and do whatever I want

while reading it.

Jaleen’s dad, Jael Walker, JW for short (and the JW should stand for JerkWad) and the Dupree

mother (who is really the Spawn of Satan) were the villains in this story and Dear Gawd,

Sherelle Green wrote their characters to perfection! Honestly, if there were such a thing as

writing a romance novel for the evil people in the books, then JerkWad and Spawn of Satan are a

match made in Hell. However, in the story, they don’t know each other…but it’s easy to spot evil

and those two ooze that characteristic.

In the end, as with most romances (at least the really good ones!), true love prevailed and I mean

both romantic and familial love. There was a huge reveal towards the end and a heart melting

“awwww” moment thrown in as well.

Sherelle Green was absolutely consistent with this series. The writing was excellent, the story

telling was great and the passion was FIRE!!! I think every woman could use a creative guy like

Jaleen in their life…but only if they’re adventurous! Read the story to find out what I’m talking


Overall, Sherelle did an excellent job with the fourth book in the Bare Sophistication series and

I’m now wondering if she has anymore stories…are we going to get books for Nicole and

Aaliyah? (*hint hint*) Go pick up your copy of Night of Fantasy, or order the ebook; either way,

you won’t be disappointed!

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