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From Main Chick To Mistress By M Skye

I was surprised at how goof this book is. First time reading this author, but I will try her again. This story is one many women may find that could have been, it was, or it is them. Deception, deceit, lies, cheating, selfishness all show up in this story. Elizabeth Pearson Harvey is an executive who thought she had the perfect marriage until her husband of 15 years told her it was over. Cedric Harvey was an entrepreneur who had benefited on so many levels from Liz, but took her for granted. He decided to take a walk on the "other side" of the street with a 23 yr old. Please read this story to see how Liz decided that she wanted to take hold of her life. She has an excellent brother who was her twin in many ways. Follow her as she takes her life back and discovers who she really is and achieves the life she always wanted. She has a lot spice with her ex, but it pales in comparison to what she finds. Explosive ending..but just a great read.. I am a Member of BRAB

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