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Catch ME If You Can By A.D.


Catch me if you can by A.D.

The book starts out focusing on Karen and Kyle who literally run into each other. They connect through their Love of running. Kyle is a professional basketball player who is looking to settle down. Karen is a successful broadcaster who is also looking to settle down, but due to past hurts, she avoids Men who work in certain professions and has her sights set on a certain type of Man. Well, guess what, Kyle works in one of those professions but he's not giving up without a fight.

In the beginning I wish we would have gotten more dialogue between Kyle and Karen as they were getting to know each other.

As luck would have it, something happens that makes Karen lose her Trust in Kyle. I understood why Karen felt the way she did about athletes but I was annoyed with her initially not giving Kyle a chance and then jumping to conclusions in other situations without letting Kyle explain.

A big chunk of the book focuses on Karen and Kyle as they deal with Karen's unwillingness to let Kyle explain some things. It didn't help that there was some manipulation going on by one of the characters and that definitely didn't help. I will admit Karen got on my nerves with how she handled the situation with Kyle throughout the book. Karen soon realizes that everything is not always what it seems in relationships, even when she tries to play it safe. There are secrets that someone is trying to keep hidden. The reader will find themself wondering what is up with a couple of the characters and what are they trying to hide.

There is an interesting side story with Karens best friend Melanie and Andrew as well and I found myself rooting for them. They are a prominent part of the story line. Because of past secrets and manipulation everything is not what it seems. The book definitely took a turn that I was not expecting, however it was a pretty good read. I give it 3 stars.

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