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Tender Kisses by Sheryl Lister is an interestingly engaging tale that captivates the reader and keeps us wanting to know what is next. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Lister.

This is the story of Siobhan Gray and Justin Cartwright. Siobhan is fed up with being seen as the avenue to the inside of Gray Home Safety, which is her family's successful home-safety company. She met Justin at an industry's gathering and considered him just as the others before him....but no, he claimed to just want a "dance".

Justin's goal is to partner with Gray Home Safety and introduce the world to unique and needed home safety products. To this end, he attends an industry's gathering at which he is totally captivated by this woman and sets his sights for getting her on the dance floor. He does and realize he wants more time with her.

They see each other casually and with much reluctance from her, then things change. Prior experience lead to each keeping things from the other and when the truths are unveiled, the question becomes....can "they" survive their spuriousness.

I give the novel 5 stars

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