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THE LION: D Camille

5 Stars *****

The Lion (The Black Land Series Book 1) did not disappoint. For anybody who was skeptical about this book after the tremendous debut of the Black Diamond Series, there should be no doubt. D Camille knows what she is doing! The characters are fierce, handsome, and beautiful! The storyline captivates and pulls the reader in with drama, suspense, intrigue and love! The characters, Orion, Tauri, Brandon, Khalil, Corvus, Lance, the parents and grandparents are dynamic and unforgettable. As an added bonus, we are introduced to more of the Khemetic culture. How about that Negus! I loved the way some of the Black Diamonds had cameos in the story. This book is a 5 Star winner all the way! It gives the reader a whole new look at the D (Detroit)! I can't wait for the next book. If you are not a follower of this author, get on it!


StartFragmentRion Shaw is the Lion and understands his purpose. A retired professional baseball player, he returns to his home in Detroit to purchase a major league franchise. Rion has to tackle government corruption and systematic racism in his quest. He didn’t realize that one person held the key to all of his dreams until she knocks him off his feet. Rion becomes completely mesmerized by hazel eyes along with a no nonsense attitude and tough city girl exterior. Tauri Patterson is the city Prosecutor and her job is to fight for the citizens of Detroit. Her strength and intelligence have made her one of the top litigators. Little did she know that when she received Rion Shaw’s case on her desk, her life would never be the same. The six-foot four decadent chocolate dream walks into her office and changes her life. She’s swept off her feet by the confident warrior who knows who he is and what he wants. Together they must overcome the threats against them in order to achieve the task before them. Rion and Tauri find that love and family can overcome every barrier.EndFragment

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