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The Reluctant Bid By Sheryl Lister

The Reluctant Bid By Sheryl Lister


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The first book up of the Distinguished Gentlemen Series written by the prolific author, Sheryl Lister, is a winner! The fictional Southlake Park community is the setting for this series. Beloved Foster Mother extraordinaire, Mama Peaches, aka the “Mama of Chicago”, is the catalyst behind the Bachelor Auction fundraiser to revitalize this community that has fallen into disrepair. Mama Peaches is depending on the successful young men she fostered and help to raise to participate in the auction. Unfortunately, Romeo (pronounced Ro-ma-o) Alexander is not eager to return to Southlake to participate. You’ll discover why when you read the story. I enjoyed Zola and Romeo’s (aka Black Ice) story. It was engaging, poignant, sweet and sexy. The side characters added to this well-written story by helping to advance the plot and revealing information about the protagonists. The HEA is so gratifying. There are 14 books in this series of novellas. I look forward to reading them all!

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