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Alex By D. Camille

Alex By D Camille


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Alex’s story chronicles not only his love journey with Kessha Blackman, but also, Skye’s wedding, and a revenge plot straight-out-of-Senegal. Alex and Kessha together are the most formidable and unique couple that has been presented so far. They are so powerful together that it takes a while for them to grasp the enormity of their union. Since Kessha has been trained as a warrior, she is reluctant to step out of that role to become Alex’s lover. It takes a trip to Senegal to confer with the Griots to help Kessha understand her future role as Alex’s partner. At one end of the spectrum, the storyline is packed with intrigue, mayhem, and death, and at the other end, it is brimming with love of family, culture, and life with Alex and Kessha at the center. I enjoyed this book, and I recommend it. If you are not familiar with the books by talented author D Camille, I recommend them, beginning with the Black Diamonds Series.

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