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THE BULL  By D Camille

THE BULL 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 By D Camille

While reading this book I realized I read about Lance and Khayla in several of D Camille’s books. The Bull captured my interest because it gave a more in-depth view of Lance and Khayla individually and their relationship. Lance did not finish high school due to family responsibilities, but he was a very successful business man as well as part of the Negus. The Negus is a group of men with different professions who protected and took pride in their home town, Detroit (The D). This group were passionate about their community, their people and their history. They were extremely passionate about their families especially their queens. They had a bond where they always had each other’s backs as well as letting each other know if he is wrong. Lance was a self-made man. He was a hustler with several businesses which he obtained legally. Even though Lance was in love with Khayla he felt he was not worthy of her love. He was a player, but his heart only belonged to Khayla, his Queen. Khayla was a doctor. She was a Naturopathic doctor. She treated her patients’ illnesses by using diet, herbs and exercises. Her treatments avoided drugs and surgery. Naturopath emphasized the use of natural agents like air, water and herbs. It also used tissue manipulation and electrotherapy. Khayla was serious about her business and her community. She was especially serious about her heart which belonged to Lance, her King. As Lance and Khayla’s relationship develops they run into several events which attempts to derail their relationship. There are people who don’t want Lance to succeed in his relationships or relationship. There are also people who don’t want Khayla to succeed in her dreams. As you read The Bull you will see what these attempts consist of and the people behind them as well as the reasons. The passion the author, D Camille, brings in this book will bring tears to your eyes. You will know when you get to it. The tears hit me unexpectedly at a specific scene. This was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. D Camille always knows how to keep the audience’s attention.

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