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CREED SERIES By Phoenix Daniels


BY Phoenix Daniels The Creed series is contained in 3 books, Creed: Eyewitness, Creed 2: Black Widow and Creed 3: Undercover. I started reading Creed 3: Undercover before I realized I didn’t read the 2 previous Creed books. But after I finished reading Creed 3 I was intrigued on the women and men in this series therefore I had to read the other 2 books. In each book Phoenix Daniels shows women with remarkable strength and principles. Not only do they work hard at their individual careers, but they love hard as well. These women are not push overs. They demand respect both on the job and from their mates. They demand to be treated like queens. The men in this series are the Creed brothers. They are truly alpha males. These gorgeous men have high powered careers and work hard. They have no problems attracting females, but they fall hard for 3 beautiful women, Donatella, Taylor and Bella. These alpha brothers Lucas, Lincoln and Victor love hard and are not intimidated by the strength of these women. They are truly men. This series is not just the meeting of beautiful women meeting handsome brothers and falling in love. Phoenix has incorporated politics, corruption, human trafficking, murder, kidnapping and a religious sect just to name a few of the activities in this series. Let’s now forget the sexual attractions. I read the series out of order (started with Creed 3), but I would suggest reading the series in order. There are other relationships throughout the series which ties some unanswered questions. In reading this series in order it will give you a better understanding of the dynamics of the characters in this series. I highly recommend the Creed series. Phoenix Daniels did her thing. Thank you Phoenix. I really enjoyed this series. Now there are 2 other Creed brothers left. Do you have a story line for them?

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