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The Wanderer – The ‘Shorts’ Series Nia Forrester

The Wanderer – The ‘Shorts’ Series Nia Forrester 4 stars

I haven’t read many novels by Nia Forrester, but those I have read have been intense! The Wanderer is no exception. Forrester creates multi-dimensional characters who aren’t perfect but strive to be their best while searching for what makes them complete. Upon returning to D.C., after three years overseas, free-spirited Bluebell “Blue” runs into her old college friend and roommate Bryan in a coffee shop. Since they last met, both have established careers and lifestyles that are drastically different from college. This impromptu meeting invokes thoughts, undeveloped feelings and emotions that have been hibernating longer that either wants to admit. What follows is a tumultuous story of reckoning and coming to terms with one’s feelings and putting your true happiness before others. Enjoy!!!

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