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Her Warrior (The Uncut Series Book 4) By D Camille Cole

Her Warrior (The Uncut Series Book 4) By D Camille Cole 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I have read all of the Uncut series by D Camille and this one was intriguing. So much so I read this book twice and each time I saw something new. In doing so it answers many outstanding questions. Even though the story line was about Chloe's and Kyle's relationship it was also about the effect of brain manipulation through drugs and how it effect family. This was the final series which answered open questions about the Diamonds and Uncut Diamonds. These answers included all the men, their wives, the Camilles, children and grand parents. It also introduced Mel Blackman, the other branch of the Black family in Africa. It appears Mel Blackman will be an mystery series in 2018. The Black heirs will also be introduced. I am so looking forward to read these new mystery series in 2018.

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