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Behind the Bars ( Music Street Series) By: Brittany Cherry

Behind the Bars ( Music Street Series) By: Brittany Cherry🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Love Conquers All. The love Jazmine and Elliott developed when they were in high school and Elliott was being bullied lasted for years. Jazmine was his protector and friend. The loneliness these 2 had in their individual lives were identical. But when Elliott played his saxophone he transformed into another world. Jazz made him whole and made him feel. When Jazmine sang soul she also transformed into another world. Elliott turned away from his music and withdrew from everyone especially love when his sister was killed by the boy, Tod, who bullied him. After being away for 6 years Jazmine came back to New Orleans which she considered home. Her coming back helped Elliott to acknowledge their love and allowed him to realize they were meant to be together. Not only did Brittany Cherry touch on bulling. She touched on conquering ones fears and making dreams realities. She also touched on family members don't have to be blood related.

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