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Take a Knee, by Xyla Turner

Take a Knee, by Xyla Turner

The story focuses on Zora McCoy, a coach of a semi-pro basketball team and Harvey Black, an owner of a semi-pro Basketball team. I liked how we were able to see a little bit of league operations in the book.

Zora had some bad experiences with Men, but was just too uptight for her own good in relation to Men. Harvey Black was a man who didn’t take no for an answer and knew Zora was who he wanted from their first meeting. He knew she was hiding behind her hard exterior.

Harvey came on a bit strong in the beginning. At the end of the day, he was type A personality and could see the connection between the two of them that Zora tried to ignore. They were both very passionate about their careers and that passion definitely carried over to the bedroom. They got physical pretty quickly. Harvey Black knew what he wanted, and he wanted Zora for keeps.

The conflict in the book came straight out todays headlines. It was written in a way where the reader could definitely understand each view point and where each of them was coming from. This added another layer to the book that made it more interesting, especially with them being an interracial couple. They both stood their ground, but eventually were able to see the other viewpoint. This was my first read by the Author and I will definitely follow her work. Overall, I would recommend this book for someone who expects plenty of hot and steamy scenes combined with a great story line with some substance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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