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"All I Want" By Angie Daniels

5.0 out of 5 stars"All I Want"...A Sizzling Hot Romance Suspense Novella!!!

I am a huge fan of Angie Daniels’ Beaumont series and was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Daniels dropped a new Beaumont Novella. "All I Want” can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the whole Beaumont series.

As I thumbed through the pages of “All I Want” I became so engrossed in the storyline as the author weaved a story full of suspense. My emotions was all over the place as Sheyna Beaumont tried to put on a brave front for her family and friends while she was shaking with fear on the inside. I found myself holding my breathe as Jace did everything in his power to keep his wife safe.The sexual chemistry between Jace and Sheyna is still off the chart even after twelve years of marriage.

The storyline is realistic. I gave myself the “side eye” as I found myself agreeing to a point the villain made in the story. I liked that Mrs. Daniels introduced to some and reacquainted others with characters from the Beaumont series.I can feel the love coming from the pages as they interacted as a family and came together to support Jace and Sheyna.

Angie Daniels has another hit with Jace and Sheyna.”All I Want” had my hanging on the edge of my seat from the being to the end. I was able to read it in one setting Because It Was That Good!!!

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