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The Inheritance (The Innkeepers) By Rochelle Alers

Love the setting of the story, It is good to read a new book by Rochelle Alers its been awhile. I enjoyed reading about older characters. Something about the audacity reading about these new characters. The book has a feel of historical, I got some great history while reading the book.

It was good reading about women come together in good and bad times, without it being petty or vindictive. Even though Hannah was the lead in the story you've got to know each of the women. I enjoyed the history on Hannah family DuPont it was something else. I would love to read a story on the history of them,

I fell in love with the Hero of the book St John. Hes story was heart breaking made me love him even more. He is what good books are made of.

The only down fall for me is that I did not know the race of Hannah at all was she bi-racial. It did not stop me from reading just wanted to know,

I cant wait for the other book in the series to come out.

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