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His Until Midnight by Reese

His Until Midnight by Reese ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tessa and Ryan have been best friends since they were children. When her brother falls ill and can't be in the Texas Cattleman's Club bachelor auction, Tessa decides to enter it herself. Fearing that no one will bid on her, Tessa asks Ryan to bid on her so she won't be embarrassed if she doesn't have any bids. Things go awry after the men in town see Tessa's makeover and a bidding war breaks out. Ryan saves Tessa from the situation and takes Tessa on a date that changes both of their lives forever. This story has romance, passion and is very well-written. Friends to lovers is my favorite trope and Ms. Ryan has done an excellent job of weaving Tessa and Ryan's story as they venture from best friends to lovers.

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