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No Holds Barred (In The Heart Of A Valentine Book One) Stephanie Nicole Norris

No Holds Barred (In The Heart Of A Valentine Book One) Stephanie Nicole Norris 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Camilla and Hunter had an attraction towards each other but refused to embrace it at first. Their attraction started when they shared a table in a crowded diner and develoed from there. This attraction was fast for them so they were in denial. Even though Camilla fought against this attraction Hunter was persistent in getting to know Camilla. Her previous relationship with her ex-fiance, Steven, had her putting up relationship walls. She was afraid to get involved with Hunter due to rumors about his flings. Once Camilla got to know Hunter she ignored the rumors and opened up her heart. Hunter was not only captivated by Camilla's beauty but by her intelligence. Her witticism and community minded attitude also pulled him in. Once they accepted the fact they were attracted to one another they pursued a relationship. Even though the development of heir relationship was fast it developed into love. Their attraction gave them an opportunity to learn about one another as well as learning about certain aspects about themselves individually. I really enjoyed reading 'No Holds Barred' and I'm looking forward to Stephanie Nicole Norris' next book, 'A Risque Engagement' about Xavier and Corrine. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your gift.

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