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Fifteen Years Delayed Angela Vernon Menchan

Fifteen Years Delayed Angela Vernon Menchan ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sometimes we have to lose someone in order to grow. This is what happened between James Broadnax and Crea Flournoy after James was sentenced to 25 years criminal activities but was freed after 12 years. They were lovers as teenagers from different parts of town. Now we know the heart wants what the heart wants even through a long separation. While Crea and James were separated they both grew in respetable adults with goals and ambitions. While James was incarcerated he decided on what he was going to do when he was released. He also realized he still loved Crea but wasn't sure if she still loved him. Crea went on with her life but still loved James. In order to see what they both went through and how their reunion effected them and others you need to read this book. In life we come across situations and judgments which shape us. James and Crea came across many of these obstacles when they realized they still loved one another. You'll be surprised where some of these obstacles came from. This is truly a love story with situations we can identify with.

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