Karios- Ready for Love by Natasha Frazier

Karios- Ready for Love by Natasha Frazier


What happens when you up for a promotion for your dream job and your plans are derailed? Kensi thought she was the perfect fit for the editor in chief job, but was surprised when she was sent to cover an assignment in a small town in Texas instead. Trusting in her faith in God she goes to Pepperton to cover the story, and finds out there was more to this assignment that she expected. Darren, a widower, and man of faith is the focus of this new story that Kensi is covering and both are interested in getting to know each other as well as get the perfect story out in regards to Darren's great service he is offering to the town and children. This story was a breath of fresh air because you get to see how your trust in God and faith will always prevail regardless of whatever situation you are put in. I would love to read more work from this author!--5 stars posted in Kindle under BRAB Reviewers


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