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IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU (The Jacksons of Ann Arbor) Elle Wright

⭐⭐⭐⭐4 stars IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU (The Jacksons of Ann Arbor) Elle Wright

Dr. Lovely “Love” Washington and Dr. Drake Jackson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. When the book begins they wake up in bed together. The reader is thinking “wth” right along with the characters! The more we read the worse it gets for the characters as they realize what they’ve really done. Is this really so bad though?

They are both frustrated as they try to figure out how and why this happened after all these years, but they end up learning a lot about each other along the way. I love the passion between these two characters that was below the surface. Once they discovered it, there is no way to put their cap back on. There are some steamy scenes, as Drake says “I don’t think I can stop”, however, their deep friendship is apparent throughout the book.

I like how the characters were very well developed in this book. The Author does a good job of digging deep and we get to see the point of view of both characters.

We first met Dr. “Love” in the Edge of Night series. It’s an extra bonus to get a brief update on a couple from that series. This is a very enjoyable read and I recommend it.

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