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Rescue Me (The Holmes Brothers - Book 3)

Rescue Me (The Holmes Brothers - Book 3) 5 Stars

By: Farrah Rochon

The Holmes family consisted of 3 brothers, their widowed mother, and a granddaughter. But Rescue Me is Alex's story who is the oldest brother who helped raise his brothers after their father died and is raising his daughter, Jazzmin, who has been spoiled by her grandmother and uncles. Even though is spoiled by them she is a respectful. Alex's wife was killed after she crashed into a tree with one of her boyfriends. Yes she cheated that is why Alex closed his heart to love until he meet Renee. She helped him heal and let go of the hate he held for his late wife. What really captivated me in this story was their mother, Margo. She was widowed for years and was always there for her family. That is why it was a shock to her sons when they found out she had a boyfriend. Margo and Gerald were dating for 7 months but Margo was afraid to introduce Gerald to her sons. Even though she met his daughters she was afraid of the reactions her sons were going to have. It was refreshing to read about a 60+ year young woman finding love again. There were other situations which involved Alex but Margo's story stands out. Her sons realized and accepted Margo was not just a mother and grandmother but a woman. She still had a lot of love to give and a life to live.

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