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Giving My All To You  Sheryl Lister, Author

Giving My All To You 5 Stars

Sheryl Lister, Author

Talented writer, Sheryl Lister has penned anot

her enjoyable story that features the Grays of Los Angeles. In Giving My All To You, Brandon Gray, scion of the wealthy and influential Gray family is next in line for the coveted position of CEO of the family business, Gray Home Safety. Brandon has given his all to the company and is looking forward to heading the highly successful company. Not only is Nolan Gray stepping down to pass the torch, but also the Vice-President, Thad Whitcomb, Nolan’s best friend and “uncle” to the Gray siblings. Since Nolan is handing over the company to his son, it is only fitting that Thad hands over his VP position to his heir. W A Y M E N T…… Thad has a child? When did this happen? None of the Gray siblings have ever seen or heard of this person. Brandon is told that his new position will have to be put on hold until the future VP is found. Houston, we have a problem.

The story gets better because while waiting for the mysterious future VP to appear, Brandon falls in love with the lovely Faith Alexander whom he meets under unusual circumstances. I’m telling you, this story has it all – love, romance, secrets and the “Pièce de résistance”, the HEA.

All members of the Gray family are present and accounted for which is an added plus. Giving All My Love To You is a great read, and I recommend it!

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