Love Rekindled
Nyora Rene

4 stars

Never a fan of repeating myself in anything including relationships, songs or games, but Love Rekindled showed me that sometimes it takes a little maturity and repetition to get a relationship on track. Malcolm Jam...

When in Barcelona by Avery Aston- 5 Stars

When you take two no nonsense workaholics and bring them together you definitely get a incredible spark. Cassidy trying to escape her unfortunate break up by going out of the country to close an big deal f...

How to Kill Your Husband: By Keith Thomas Walker 5 Stars

What happens when one simple mix-up puts sixteen years of marriage under the microscope? That's all it takes for Claire and her two close friends to become amateur private investigators unco...

They say you can't change a man...well Mia decides to put that to the test with her quest in Fixin' Tyrone. Mia set her standards high and had decided the type of men she would only date since she didn't have luck in previous relationships. Betwee...

Karios- Ready for Love by Natasha Frazier

What happens when you up for a promotion for your dream job and your plans are derailed? Kensi thought she was the perfect fit for the editor in chief job, but was surprised when she was sent to cover an as...

Something Old? Something New? -Marlee Rae (given 5 stars)

When you have a male friend that has been there for all your good and bad times, why would you need to pursue another man? Dawn has leaned on her bestie Dre for over 30 years, but when she m...

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April 24, 2019

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