Game Time
Book 2

Man, let me tell you the shaking of Michael & Zoe continues. Lol
They are getting it together. The secondary characters are shining somewhat. They need some shaking too. Lol.
Loving this story and series.

End Game
Book 1
5 Stars

I have read Endgame. I am so, loving this series. 
Ever, want to shake either the hero or heroine? Well, I want to shake both Michael and Zoe. I will say, this the need to shake them flows with the story. It is just the their personalities and n...

February 18, 2019

So Much Moore (The All That & Moore Series Book 4)
By Celeste Granger

The Title Fits The STORY!!

So, enjoyed Felicity and Garrett's story. Loved the story flow. Loved catched up with the other Moore couples. Wanted to shake Felicity a few times but...

February 18, 2019

Honeydew by S Taylor 

Loved this story. Loved the way "Wait fot it" moment was played out. Not too
Normally, you see the heroine's growth more than the heros, but here Dylan showed a lot of growth. That was nice to see.
The characters and the story wa...


This series The Bluette Men by Bailey West is GOOD! Better than GOOD!!
Inspirational. Funny as all get out. Spiritual fulfilling. Made me get a Bible app on my phone and tablet. Characters well developed. Scriptures that f...

Excuse Me, First Love (College Daze Book 1) 
By Danielle Burton

Love, Love this story of Jayson and Gabrielle. Friends to Lovers with a twist of 2nd chance love. Characters well developed. Even, the secondary characters. Believable storyline. What...

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Murder With Collard Greens and Hot Sauce A.L. Herbert

April 24, 2019

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